A Summary of My Trip to Australia

I had the opportunity to travel to Australia in May 2023 with other Travel Advisors to get an intense look at a small part of Australia.  Specifically, the Brisbane area and the Whitsundsays.  On this page I'll highlight some of that trip.  

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Reefworld at Hardy Reef
Sleeping out on the Great Barrier Reef

Definitely a highlight of the trip was staying out on the Great Barrier Reef for a night.  This is a permanently moored pontoon, located 39 nautical miles from shore.  You can swim, snorkel, dive and explore this amazing place.  We had our own private "pod" on deck but there are 2 reef suites on board as well.  Food was spectacular and so was the reef.  This is MUST if travelling to Australia!

A silhoette of a scuba diver with fish in the distance.  The picture is shades of blue and black
SCUBA Diving at Hardy Reef
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While staying at Reefworld on Hardy Reef, you can head out to snorkel, or SCUBA dive the reef.  They have opportunities for certified divers as well as those who have never tried it before.  They will take you out on a introductory shallow dive along the reef to give you a taste of the underwater world.  They also offer a snorkel safari which is a guided snorkeling trip to point out various sea life.  Keep your eyes peeled for sharks, turtles, the giant Queensland grouper and the giant clams to name a few.